1-14 dagar leveranstid.

Om Oss

Are you wondering why there is so much english on this page? Well, Hi. I'm Daniel from Australia. Jag bor i Leksand and I have set this shop up to work with what I love.

It all started in his home garage, where Daniel would tinker away every day, waxing skis and snowboards, re-building the components of bicycles for himself and his family.

Daniel grew up in a tool shed, working on cars and motorbikes when he was employed as a Motor Mechanic car and when he raced Motocross bikes.  

This interest quickly grew into a skill of bicycle repairs and a love and knowledge for all disciplines of cycling sports.

Daniel was soon to be recognized for his finesse and quality of workmanship; He has built up a customer base of bicycle mechanical servicing, rebuilding and repairing for friends and new clients through a Facebook advertisement.  

Dan's bike and ski isn't just about replacing a tube, repairing a puncture or adjusting gear levers, as Daniel explains, “I work on bikes because I love the sport and the mechanics of the bike. I rebuild and repair bikes to help others achieve the smoothest, most efficient ride possible. "

Daniel's work prides on his philosophy: high quality workmanship matched with excellent value for money. “If I can help and encourage others to enjoy bike riding and get the most out of their adventure, then my job is done,” explains Daniel.

Daniel hopes to build his portfolio of Felt and Nukeproof bikes and frames so that he can customize and personalize to suit everyone's needs and finances.

Daniel also hopes to build his portfolio of Fischer ski equipment so he can offer his clients some of the best winter equipment on the market.

Daniel believes there's a bike and set of skis out there for everyone's adventure and budget.

And if you hear an Aussie accent out on the trails/tracks in Dalarna. Say hi, it just may be Dan.