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Kuzmin ski base treatment (längdskidor only)

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Plus, Most effective at temperatures above +3 Celsius.Universal,  Most effective at temperatures between +3 to -12 Celsius.Minus, Most effective at tempera

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Plus, Most effective at temperatures above +3 Celsius.

Universal,  Most effective at temperatures between +3 to -12 Celsius.

Minus, Most effective at temperatures colder than -8 Celsius

For optimal glide, there is an advantage of random patterns. This is confirmed by several tribological studies.  We can also use a texture tool (riller) for maximum glide. Kuzmin base treatments glide excelent without the use of glide wax but can be combined with any of out wax treatments.

During stone grinding, "micro hair" remains in the coating which is devastating for glide. It takes an incredible amount of finishing work to get a stone-ground ski up and running. But with a steel sickled ski, you have an optimal glide immediatly. The steel sickle cuts out a new, fresh coating with optimal sliding properties without "micro hair". We use steel sickles from Kuzmin.
The steel sickle also lays down different structures for different temperatures. A steel sickled ski can provide such good gliding properties in most conditions that it does not need to be waxed.